Worldwide among the very leading suppliers, of own developed and patented quality machines for the cutting-shaping-straightening-welding of reinforcing steel. Base in Udine, Italy. Website

The range is large, hereby a few chosen videos: COMBIWELD – PLANET 20 PLUS – FORMAT 16 HS 3D – SYNTAX LINE 28 – MINI SYNTAX 16 HS – GAM HS CONIC – MTM 400

Fejmert Mixer AB

Fejmert mixers started setting the world standard for quality mixers in 1953. Absolutely high class mixers which will last for decades. Base in Nyköping, Sweden.

Akea Automation ApS

Akea is a professional and modern machine building company, soon with 25 years experience in manufacturing and implementation of automated production equipment for manufacturing components in the metalworking industry. Base in Thisted, Denmark.

BK Betonkontakt Ltd.

Betonkontakt is the specialist in heating and winter housing of concrete mixing plants. Huge success in Europe. Base in Budapest, Hungary.