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About us

Based in Denmark, NordicRebar is a company operating in the rebar business providing service and sales for anyone in the nordic countries working in the rebar industry.

Here you’ll be able to learn about our company and see contact details for our hardworking employees.

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All machines in the rebar industry you could possibly need, produced in the high quality you deserve. Stirrup benders, cut and shaping, straighening from coil, bar cut to lengh, double benders, pile/cage machines, lattice girders and mesh plant scan be found here.

We work closely together with MEP and have done so since we started over 10 years ago. Therefore we know the machines and what they are capable of and will gladly consult you in your next purchase.

Secondhand machines

Used rebar machines are not automatically useless because they have been exchanged for something new. Here you’ll find our assortment of various types of machines in all conditions, still able to produce on a high level.

Want a new machine for your production but dont need a factory fresh one? Look no further, many of our secondhand rebar machines can be refurbished to whichever condition you’d like

Other Products

Need something to move your coils?
Need a prestraightener or handheld cutter?
Do you need a manual bender and or cutter on site for only a period?
We have the solution.
We’ve collected several complimentary products which are helpful for the production in the rebar industry and could be useful for anyone in the business.

NordicRebar material handling



NordicRebar container solutions

Fejmert Mixer


Whether you need aftersales for your new MEP machine or regular maintenance in your plant, we can help with very experienced crew. Emergency repairs, movement of installed machines or refurbishment on your aging equipment, we can provide the service you need.

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